Fair Well Fishery Group


Fair Well Fishery Group was established in 1983. Ever since then, the enterprise has been aiming "to reach sustainable operation on the basis of honesty"; we have constant progress in the freezing method and techniques for keeping high-quality fresh seafood products. Moreover, we have diverse business developments in aquaculture, fishery food processing, sea transportation, and low-temperature storage and transportation.  

The Group respects and admires nature, ecosystem conservation, the care for the team members; With our professional expertise, we will create safe and delicious seafood products and conserve a sustainable ecosystem meanwhile.

Tuna Rich Trade & Fishery Co., Ltd 

Tuna Rich Trade & Fishery Co., Ltd, is a fishery corporation established by Fair Well Fishery Group Fishery Group. In respect of management, we're on a new basis other than traditional aquaculture by involving modernized and scientific management. At present, our aquaculture coverage has an area of 30 - 40 acres for producing high-quality commodities with the direct selling model that avoids overhead costs. Therefore, our commodities are sold at a reasonable price with safety assurance, and customers can enjoy Taiwan's fresh seafood with superior quality but an economic expense. 

Upholding strict self-demanding, we've won recognition from society and the government. For example, the traceability of product approved by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, the certified Excellent Intermediate Breeding Farm for Grouper Fingerling Aquaculture awarded by the Fishery Agency in 2012, the High Distinction Award for Blue-Spotted Grouper of National Excellent Grouper Competition in 2014, the certified Kaohsiung City Seafood Product Identification Label for Place of Origin in 2015, the certification of Haiyan Quality Seafood in 2015, the High Distinction Award for Formosan Gentian of the National Excellent Grouper Competition in 2015, and the Identification Label for Place of Origin of Quality Seafood by the Pingtung County Government in 2013 and 2014, etc. The recognition has given the Tuna Rich great encouragement for further self-demanding in perfect services, quality, and others.