Introduction to the Tuna Family Hotel Chain

The Tuna Family Hotel Chain is a joint venture with the "Fair Well Fishery Group" of distant water fisheries. Supported by the ocean's blessings, the fishery group has been expanding its business coverage with upholding senses of admiration and gratitude for the ocean over the past many years. Moreover, the group has been following the example of an ocean's in-depth connotation and a broad mind that holds all rivers by taking nature & sustainability as the foundation stone as well as dedicating to building integrity, honesty, and faith for creating heartfelt services. It's expected that the group's joint venture for operating hotels under the application of such concepts will start a brand-new career. 

Since Taiwan is an island country surrounded by ocean on all sides, the deep and abiding affection between the Tuna Family Hotel Chain and the ocean is far beyond words; also, the Tuna Family Hotel Chain's affection and expectation for Taiwan are at a high-level. As the hope of having the local culture deeply rooted and carried forward, the Tuna Family Hotel Chain is based on sustainable operation and the concepts of innovation, and we're looking forward to becoming a hotel with the highest customer satisfaction and creating the greatest value. We anticipate ourselves becoming a tourist hotel that ensures our guests the best local characteristics and a commercial hotel that creates the best comfort, convenience, and efficiency for business travelers. Whenever tourists for either leisure or business purposes, the Tuna Family Hotel Chain is surely your best choice for the best "home-like" atmosphere.

"The Tuna Family Hotel Chain" aims to put all efforts on ecosystem protection with the power of teamwork for the best result of sustainable use of natural resources. We enable each traveler to enjoy a cozy atmosphere like being "at home" for a fast recovery to kick away fatigue, either physical, mental, or both, to face more challenging difficulties in the future. At the same time, through the establishment of hotels, the economic development and prosperity at the local will be driven for creating employment opportunities as a contribution to the local communities and achieving a beautiful new world with a win-win outcome for customers, the nearby region, industries, etc.

"The Tuna Family Hotel Chain" has been striving for developing professional, passionate, and energetic employees to make hotel environments meet the comfortable and pleasing requirements; furthermore, we intend to present a considerate and heartfelt service atmosphere that is expected to provide each guest with the most well worth services.