Tuna Family Hotel – Kaohsiung Hall (Blue Tuna)
Tuna Family Hotel – Kaohsiung Hall (Blue Tuna) is located in front of Kaohsiung Main Station, which is a traffic hub of the High Speed Rail (HSR), Kaohsiung MRT, and Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA). With the convenient location and intensive National Highway bus transport, the distance between the hotel and the airport takes only a 25-minute drive, a 20-minute drive away from the HSR Zuoying Station, and close by the station of Kaohsiung MRT. It's easy for our guests to reach any Kaohsiung's well-known tourist attractions, such as the worldwide famous Liuhe Night Market, which is only a 5-minute walking distance away from the hotel.
Tuna Family Hotel – Yancheng Hall (Big Head Tuna)
Tuna Family Hotel – Yancheng Hall (Big Head Tuna) is in the prosperous area of Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City. Only a 2-minute walk away from the beautiful Love River, the hotel is close by O2 Station of Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line (in a 90-second walking distance). Within a 10-minute walk, our guests can reach the Citizens' Square Musical Fountain, Exhibition Center, and Kaohsiung Museum of History. Moreover, the places including Qijin, Shoushan, National Sun Yat-sen University, Love Pier, Kaohsiung City Shoushan Zoo are in the neighborhood. There're various kinds of delicacies available in Yancheng District and the so-called foreign commodity street, such as Jiujuejiang for adding variety to your travel.
Tuna Family Hotel – Pintung Hall (Cherry Blossom Shrimp)
Tuna Family Hotel – Pintung Hall (Cherry Blossom Shrimp) is situated at the prosperous center of downtown Pingtung City. It takes an about 8-minute walk to the railway station. It takes only an 8-minute walk to reach the railway station from the hotel. There're intensive bus routes and convenient traffic networks nearby. In the neighborhood area, there're places including Pingtung Night Market, where supplies various delicacies and commercial circles, such as department stores. Our guests can freely wander in downtown Pingtung among the tourist attractions, including temples, historical sites, military dependents' villages, old alleys, Pingtung City Museum of Travel Literature, etc., taking a city tour that leads them to experience the leisure and the cultural characteristics.
Tuna Family Hotel – Taitung (Flagstaff House)
Situated at the intersection of Zhonghua Road and Xinsheng Road, the most prosperous area in Taitung City, the hotel with a 15-story Baroque facade has become Taitung's new land; we offer comfortable and convenient service with consideration for the needs of our guests. From the hotel, our guests can take a free stroll to the Tiehua Music Village and the seashore park; or, they can feel free to go shopping among various characteristic stores. The wonderful and amazing Taitung is worthy for people to stay more days. Tuna Family Hotel – Taitung (Flagstaff House) will always be of service to you.
Tuna Family Hotel – Hualien Hall (Mambo Fish)
Tuna Family Hotel – Hualien Hall (Mambo Fish) is at the center of Hualien City, a prosperous area. Its excellent geographical location, an about 5-minute driving distance away from Hualien Railway Station and an about 15-minute driving distance away from Hualien Airport. With convenient transport, our guests can reach downtown Hualien City by walking to enjoy delicacies in Hualien. Tuna Family Hotel – Hualien Hall (Mambo Fish) is the top choice for your leisure and business travel in Hualien.

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